Séminaires PANORISK

Le 11 octobre 2016, le laboratoire  Granem de l'Université d'Angers, dans le cadre du projet régional PANORISK a organisé un séminaire de recherche, animé par le professeur invité Alexis BELIANIN, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia.

Gender Differences in Risk Preferences of Children and Adults

JEL classification : C91, D8, J16

In this paper we explore the sources of gender differences in risk aversion, which is known to be higher among women than among men. Many reasons may exist for this difference, including biological explanation, according to which gender differences inattitudes towards risk are genetically predetermined; or socio-cultural explanation, which derives them from differences in breeding and educational strategies of girls, who are told to be quite and obedient,and boys, who are taught to be brave and fearless. While we cannot disentangle these hypotheses at the present stage of our research, we set up and conduct a novel experiment which tests the null hypothes is that differences in risk aversion of women and men are innate, vs. the alternative hypothesis that these are being formed gradually. We compare risk attitudes of young children aged 3-7 to those of adultsaged18-23. Our results show that boys and girls are indistinguishable in their risk behaviour,while adult group illustrates that men are significantly more risky that women when properly (financially) motivated. Thus,the hypothesis ofinnate differences may be rejected.






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