Innovative research

Joint seminars between economists and mathematicians make it possible to identify new areas of research on which the IRA is committed.

A research programme on health insurance has emerged. In addition, the subject of insurance fraud has been raised by legal experts.

  • The originality of research conducted within the IRA is to introduce multidisciplinary approaches in response to societal problems.
  • IRA organizes cooperation between laboratories to respond to regional, ANR and PCRD calls for projects.
  • The creation of a research axis specific to IRA.

Example of a theme:
Increasing in life expectancy, at an average rate of one quarter per year, reflects both medical technical progress and increased spending on health. Changes in mortality risk are a major problem, both for individuals and for insurance companies or mutual societies, which need to understand the impact of these changes on policyholders' demand for policies.
The community will also have to find new ways of financing the social protection system.

The first objective of this research axis is to federate the teams of economists, mathematicians and lawyers of the University of Maine through:

  1. Academic research including risk assessment and measurement, analysis of insurance, coverage and investment choices and their relationship to career choices and health care expenditures.
  2. Applied research aimed at insurance companies and mutuals, aimed on the one hand at improving understanding of the determinants of insurance demand and of these ongoing changes in response to changes in medical technical progress, and deducing from them, for the public decision-maker, the changes in the residual demand for insurance that the State must cover.

Research program PANORisk

PANORisk research program aims to develop decision support tools in the areas of insurance savings, investment savings, risk management related to aging, health, energy transition, climate, economic, political and financial crises, and the credibility of financial institutions.

This research is multidisciplinary, associating economists, mathematicians and managers.


More informations about the research program PANORisk on it's website HERE

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